Find Gluten Free at Amaranth Whole Foods in St Albert.

Amaranth Whole Foods in St Albert is a grocery store with organic produce and many other food items as well as a Health and Wellness department with supplements and personal care and a large bulk section and frozen section.

They started in Calgary 20 years ago and focus on organic foods and gluten free.  The store has a red dot program that marks gluten free products on their shelves for easy recognition of products and we can provide receipts for customers to help with claiming for your taxes.

Amaranth Whole Foods is located in the Enjoy Center in St Albert which has 10 different business under one glass roof on two levels. It is a great place to come out and wander thru the greenhouse, visit the spa, explore our other business partners and dine at our glass house restaurant.

Many customers that come to the Enjoy Center are not aware they have been there for over 5 years and recently celebrated their fifth birthday with a huge birthday party with delicious gluten free cake, pizza and over fifty free giveaways.

Enjoy Centre
101 Riel Drive
St. Albert, AB T8N 3X4