Steakout Pizza & Grill brings on the Gluten Free

We recently tried out Steakout Pizza & Grill TWICE because we had to go back to try more of their menu.  That is how impressive their food was. yum yum yum.

Let's first start with their pizza.  They make REALLY tasty and cheesy pizza's to die for. More of the New York Style pizza rather than the new trendy flat bread pizzas. Their gluten free pizza comes in only large and you build your own. Each topping is 2.50 per. Which works out to be only a little more than their large special pizzas when you add 3 toppings.  So the difference in price is not huge. (Plus they almost always have a Groupon).

The pizza below live and feta pizza.  Yes there are plenty of lives and feta, but like a said, they make their pizza's really cheese and bake them to perfection.  Their crusts are not made in house, so that certainly helps with reducing cross contamination.

We also tried their sandwiches served with a gluten free bun and uncontaminated french fries. This is the gluten free Philly cheese steak.  To make the fries uncontaminated the chef has a pot of oil ready to go when requested that is set aside for gluten free. This does make the meal take a little longer to come out, but worth the wait for safer food!

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