Club House Hearty Beef Slow Cooker Stew Mix

So Amanda recently came across these Club House slow cooker mixes that they got certified gluten free.  They are basically just add and go mixes.  Wednesday evenings are a bit of a rush now because we have soccer at 6:15pm and its tough to get dinner ready, eaten and cleaned up in time to get out the door.

This past Wednesday seemed like a good idea to try it out.  And you know what?  It was pretty amazing.  However, we made a few modifications to the directions.

1. It asks for 2lbs of beef and we had nearly 3.
2. It asks for 4 cups of veggies and potatoes and we had 4 cups of veggies plus 2-3 potatoes
3. Because we added all of this extra we add an extra 2 cups of beef broth (Make sure you check the label of the broth you use)

I think even if we didn't add the extra veggies and beef, it may need the extra liquid, but this still turned out amazing.

I put the beef down first and poured the broth to make sure the meat was covered.  Then I added the veggie and potato and poured the sauce over it.  I mixed up gently the sauce with the veggies and then tuned the slow cooker on low before we left the house in the morning and came home from work to an amazing aroma.  Amanda thickened the broth a bit when she got home buy scooping out a ladle into a bowl and mixing it with a 2 table spoons of corn starch and then pouring it back in and sitting for a couple minutes to cook a bit longer to thicken up.

Definitely going to be buying these again!

Easy peasy gluten free!