Gluten Free at Little India Cuisine

We recently tried the gluten-free options at Little India Cuisine on 34 Ave and 92 st.  You can order a la carte off the menu or choose of the buffet.  We wavered over the buffet vs. menu, but ultimately chose the buffet so we can try more options.

There is definitely a cross contamination issue at the buffet, so just be aware of where the human factor issues come to play before deciding. Other than that everything tasted great from the buffet. The staff was knowledable and able to walk Amanda around the buffet and let her know what was okay and what was not okay.  A nice touch was that while we were getting food, the staff went to the salad area and prepared a beautiful and tasty salad for us using all the nice indian flavours from their salad bar.

We tried some of the staples like the korma, butter chicken and pakora.  They also made for us some dosa and what they called a herbed gluten free Naan.

The herbed gluten free naan was really tasty.  The only thing is that they didn't warn us that they put hot chili peppers in the naan so my mouth was on fire at the same time.

We mainly ate the dosa and the papadum to scoop up sauces.

After visiting I did email the owners and offered them some tips for reducing cross contamination issues.  

  • We suggested a dedicated container for pakora vs. samosas.  Otherwise the pakora's would be contaminated
  • We suggested separate tongs for the papadum because they were used to also pick up another item that contained gluten.
Although there were no ill effects from eating there, next time we will probably order a la carte.

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