Have you tried the gluten free cake from M&M Meat Shops?

Written by Amanda:

I wanted to start off by saying Happy 2016 to everyone! I know that everyone starts off their new year with resolutions and plans and ideas of how to better make use of their time. Well, I am no different. Over the holidays I was attending a gathering and was looking to bring a fancy dessert. I, of course, had left it to the last minute and was scrambling to find something large enough to feed a crowd but nearby to my home to ensure fast pick up. I had high hopes initially of baking some delicious gluten free dessert, but reality set in and I quickly realized that it just wasn’t going to happen.

I stopped in at my neighbourhood M & M meats and decided I would try their new Gluten Free Too-Tall chocolate cream cake.

It was giant in size, it was absolutely delicious and I would 100% buy it again. My only complaint and that’s not even the right word, was that because of the size it was hard for us to finish it all. I would have preferred that it come pre-sliced or in two sections so you could decide how much to serve at a time. Really, if that’s my only criticism, I’d say it was pretty darn great! We opted to wrap up the uneaten portion and refreeze it for another time.

No one knew it was Gluten Free and I even questioned repeatedly “are you sure this is gluten free?” It was delicious.