Prana's Gluten Free Coconut Chip

Prana Organic sent us some samples of their new coconut chips to try out,  Prana's coconut chips are GF Certified, non-GMO but most of all pretty tasty.  I look coconut to begin within, so they really didn't have to twist my arm to try these out.

I thought these were going to be your standard coconut chip/coconut bacon that everyone has been selling, but these are truly more like a chip, sliced in thin moon shapes, and made crisp.  What makes it even more of a chip is the seasoning they come in, spicy chili, sea salt and pepper, BBQ and original.  I didn't want to spoil them and open all the packages, so I tried the original and sea salt and pepper.  The seas salt and pepper was a nice surprise to an already tasty food.  I can't wait to crack up the BBQ and spicy chili when I get the chance.

You can find Prana products at most natural and organic food stores.  We've also seen Prana products at Costco!