Ben's Meats Revisted - Lots more gluten free!

David from Ben's Meats keeps tabs on our blog and Facebook page to learn what's new in the gluten free world.  David is the Owner of Ben's Meats located on Stony Plain Rd and is also has Celiac Disease and therefore keeps a lot of gluten free products in store, including all deli meats.

What can you find gluten free at Ben's Meats?  Besides his deli meats, David keeps a freezer full of gluten free pizza crusts, crusts, meat pies, ravioli pastas (yes gf ravioli), perogies and a whole lot more.  David also has a dedicated gluten free fryer where you can buy gluten free chicken strips, chicken nuggets, spring rolls and french fries. Mmm Spring rolls!

Ben's Meats is located at 15726 Stony Plain Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 3Z5