Wal-Mart Hits Its Stride in the Gluten Free World

It is without a doubt that Wal-Mart is a family brand.  What proves this point best is their great value brand which has now started to come out with many gluten free products including these really tasty gluten free chocolate vanilla cookies, vanilla creme cookies and lemon flavoured white chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies are certified through the Canadian Celiac Association Gluten Free Certification Program.

But what truly makes Great value a family friendly brand?  Not that just that these are cookies that the kiddo's will love, but that these cookies are all nut free as well!  Way to go Wal-Mart!  So just in case your kid has a nut allergy, you can dig into these cookies as well.  

Why is this important to us?  We have one child that has a nut allergy, and there are so many delicious cookies that may contain nuts that we can't eat.  Not only that there are many gluten free cookies that contain nuts and may contain nuts.  So this is a great option that Amanda can share with our kiddo for a treat.