Daiya's Gluten Free Mac & Cheese and Greek Yogurt

Our friend RL is always seeking gluten free, vegan, kosher foods.  Doesn't always find stuff available in Canada, but likes to share what she finds, and how you can get it.  Here is the latest:

Once in a while I get lucky and find a product that is EASY to make that is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan/vegetarian and kosher. Daiya's new line of Cheesy Mac certainly delivers.  As far as I know this product is currently available in the US only.  I was able to order it from vegansupply.ca

I ordered both the cheddar version and the white cheddar veggie. I recently tried the white cheddar veggie and loved it.  First of all, it's incredibly easy to make- just like all your favourite boxed macaroni and cheeses. Boil water, add noodles, cook then add packet of "cheese". The taste and texture of the noodles and cheese was great.  The 'cheese' tastes like other Daiya cheese products.  So if like that taste you won't have any surprises here. I'm hoping that this product will be available in Canadian stores soon. I'm also waiting on Daiya's Greek yogurt to make an appearance in Canada

Have you tried Daiya Cheesy Mac yet? What did you think?

-Guest Blogger RL