Pita Pit now carrying Gluten Free Pita's

Participating Pita Pits are now carrying gluten free pita.  I first received the information from the owner of the Jasper Ave. Pita Pit location and posted it to Facebook.  Scott gave us some good insight on their disclaimer and the product information.

First things first, the pita it seld is made by Aidan's.  Never heard of them before this, but they are a Canadian company located in Toronto.  Yay Pita Pit, finding a locally sourced gluten free pita!

Umm can't tell the difference eh?

So what sauces and toppings to avoid?
  • BBQ Rib
  • Gyros
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Sausage (breakfast pitas)
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • And the cookies.
Recipes and ingredients are always changing, so always check if any more toppings or sauces are still gluten free or if maybe a new BBQ sauce was chosen that is gluten free.

Pita Pit's disclaimer is like every other, not recommended for Celiac' because of working conditions of the environment.  Scott had this comment on Facebook about their process, how they try to avoid cross contamination and why he still worries about cross contamination
Just to clarify that we do try do everything we can to stop cross contamination but sadly there is lots of regular pitas around and we can't guarantee it. 
What we do though in order to try our best is change gloves before pulling the pita out of the bag and then place the gluten free pita on one of our papers we wrap the pitas with. We also don't put the pita in the steamer (unless requested) since other regular pitas have been in there. The pita then stays the new wrap paper as it moves across our front table and when at the end we then place it on another new paper to wrap it up.
Scott does go on to say that his wife has a gluten sensitivity and has successfully had their pita's.  Basically to me it sounds like this location over others will understand the harms of cross contamination.

Let us know if you try this!