Blue Willow Restaurant Offers Up Some Gluten Free Options For Chinese Food

The Mongolian Beef is indicated as
gluten free on the
Blue Willow Restaurant menu
To this date, the only place for gluten free options when it comes to traditional Chinese Food has been Pearly River in the south side of Edmonton.  One of our readers SQ wrote in another option with the downtown staple Blue Willow Restaurant.

I ate a delicious Chinese meal at Blue Willow Restaurant in downtown Edmonton last night and didn’t get sick --- so happy!  They have several GF dishes on their menu, easily identified by a “G” beside the menu item.  Apparently about 10% of their customers make enquiries about GF dishes.  I was the only person with celiac disease at the table.  We ordered 5 dishes, plus rice;  two of the dishes we ordered were GF.  Everything was super-hot, fresh, and delicious.

Out of curiosity I visited their website and saw that even their online menu indicates gluten free options that are available.  Their menu also tells the customer to let the server staff know of any allergies.  Check out the Blue Willow Restaurant menu and plan out your next gluten free Chinese Food Takeout order.

  Blue Willow on Urbanspoon