Popcorn Indiana - Gluten Free Movie Theatre Snack for Home

Before the new year we were provided samples of a gluten free certified popcorn snack called Indiana Popcorn.  They sampled us the original movie theatre popcorn flavour from their classic collection, and their sea salt flavour from their fit low calerie collection.  They have other flavours like white cheddar, cinnamon, and caramel.

Both popcorns tasted great and hit the spot for a late night snack watching tv while the kids were asleep.  But I'm going to focus on the original movie threatre popcorn flavour because that stuck out the most to me as an experience.  Why an experience?  Because this popcorn is bagged popcorn, so its not like we have to pop it or anything.  But because you still get to warm up the popcorn to turn it into that fresh warm movie style popcorn.  So you would think you would have to pour into a bowl and warm it up?  No not really, the bag that the movie theatre comes in is a special microwavable bag!  It goes in the microwave for under a minute.  Warms up so nicely and tasted so good.

We hope you give it a try.  It can be found at Superstore, Sobeys, Safeway, Planet Organic, and Shoppers Drug Mart in Edmonton.