Pizza 73's Gluten Free Pizza

We havenow ordered Pizza 73's pizza several times and it is really good and quite the affordable option at $9.99-$10.99 for a 10" pizza compared to others available.  When we order a gluten free pizza from Panago it usually runs us nearly $20.

My only know on Pizza &3 is that they won't apply the gluten free pizza to the deals and promo's they have, not even with a surcharge.  The Mega Meal is a great deal for a family.  And since it comes with two 12" pizza's, it would be awesome to switch one or both out with a 10" gluten free pizza, even if it was a surcharge would be great.  The wings that come with the mega deal are gluten free but share a fryer.  But the combo does come with Lays potato chips which are certified gluten free.  Sounds like a great combo that can be made into a good gluten free combo for a family that has a family member with Celiac Disease.  Unfortunately I contacted headoffice, and they had no positive outlook to offer.

None the less, when we want Pizza 73 now, we are stuck ordering the Mega Deal + a 10" gluten free pizza and just invite some family over to make sure everything is eaten up.

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