Nello's in St. Albert Makes a Great Gluten Free Date Night

Before the new year we cashed in on a Groupon we had to Nello's.  We had heard good things about the restaurant and in the past a reader had submitted a guest blog post.  So we thought, we not get the Groupon and check it out on a date night.

Nello's is a small upscale restaurant in St. Alberta, just outside of Edmonton.  Nello's is Italian cuisine with a small menu that is full of flavour.  We recommend reservations. The meal we ordered at Nello's was tasty and was well worth calling up the grandparents for a baby sitting job!

We shared a very tasty Cesar salad with no croutons that had quite the garlic kick.  Which I didn't mind because I love garlic!

Amanda ordered a lobster dish with gluten free pasta that I am sure she looks forward to having again since she is a creature of habit.

I ordered the beef tenderloin with tiger shrimp.  The steak was cooked to perfection oozing with flavour that has me craving to go back for more.  The only part of my dish that was NOT gluten free was the gnocci.  I had them put it off to the side on a separate dish so if Amanda wanted some of my steak she could.

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  1. Nello's is fantastic! We actually pre-ordered our thanksgiving dinner from there. It was amazing. I just ordered some gfree pasta for my son as well as the caesar salad with no croutons and the rest of us had the salad and cannelloni. Worth a date night out for sure!


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