Thank you 2014! Hello 2015!

I have to admit, 2014 was a pretty great year for us as a family and a gluten free blog for those living with Celiac Disease.  Out blog reached a couple mile stones and as a family we grew!

We now have over 600 blog posts about gluten free content in Edmonton including restaurants, products, shopping, travelling and a whole lot more!  Yes I'll admit, some of it may not be quite up to date, but heck, we can't go back and re-write everything. However we do our best to keep up and write new stuff as it come along.

Some of our top posts for the year were:

As usual we were sent plenty of samples, some written about, some posted to our Facebook page and some just didn't make the cut.

We also had some give always including gluten free pasta for a year from Catelli!

So now the big news on a personal note.  Those that know us personally know this already, and some others that have written to us know already too through our gratitude, but our family grew another bundle of joy in October. So you may have noticed a little less action on the Facebook and Twitter front but I am trying to keep it up, and I am still committed to at least one blog post a week.

With that being said, we would not be continuing this gluten free blog if it wasn't for you.  It is you, our readers that make our blog the go to place in Edmonton for all the gluten free information you need.  And for that we are grateful.  With our busy hands with our family, we are also grateful for those that write in guest blog posts.  That helps us so much as we physically can't try out every product, every restaurant, and shop at every store.

So THANK YOU ALL for an AMAZING 2014 and lets move on forward to another great year!

--Abisaac, Amanda and family!