La Crema Caffe Revisted, Revised, and Rejoiced

This is our third La Crema Caffe post, because they just keep on changing things up and getting better and better.

First, just as a reminder, La Crema Caffe is a Italian style cafe in St. Albert located downtown right in the heart of where the Farmer's Market takes place. (We visited in August)

We've heard rumours that ownership has changed, I couldn't confirm that, but if it did I wouldn't say it has affected the gluten free menu at La Crema.  Infact, the menu got bigger since we last visited, adding more gluten free sandwiches, gluten free pizza's and of course, more treats like gluten free tiramisu.

So what did we try this time?  Well, first take a look at the menu and the notes of gluten free all over it!

After some strategic choices to ensure we get a little bit of everything, Amanda and I shared a gluten free pulled pork pizza and a gluten free Bravo deli sandwiches.  

The gluten free pizza, used what seemed to be Kinnikinnick's single crust, and was topped with a very tasty pulled pork, chopped onion, pineapples, BBQ sauce and a delicious honey mustard sauce.  And, YES it was good!

The Bravo sandwich used what seemed to be a gluten free Udi's bagel. It was served with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, friulano cheese and their secret bravo sauce.  We also had a side Cesar salad with no croutons.  Once again very tasty, and nothing was wasted!

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  1. Good choice! This cafe is marvelous and can offer delicious food experience.

  2. I can only think the owners of Le Crema are paying you to write this blog. The food is mediocre at best. Extremely overpriced. The owners have no interest in the customers - in-fact they are very very rude to them. Le Crema struggles with their identity - are they an Italian Bistro serving espresso? Are they a pub serving serving ribs and beer. The owners are totally clueless who or what they are. Prior to Le Crema this was know as St Thomas. Clean, lively atmosphere good food, good people. Now, as Le Creme (which is under its second, third maybe even fourth owner) it is a dive! Dirty, horrible food and owners that really don't care or understand the service industry. With the help of the farmers market they survived the summer. Chances are they will not make it through the winter. Save yourself time and money. Don't go.


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