GF Diner just got Bigger and Better!

GF Diner on 82 ave. really just stepped it up a notch when it comes to their diner experience.  During the summer they were going through some hefty reno's to really enhance the diner experience.

So what changed?  What got bigger and better?  GF Diner doubled their seating area allowing more diners to enjoy their all gluten free menu at a time.

They are are updating their menu and will have new menu items offerings on an ongoing basis.  Be sure to check the GF Diner website, Twitter and Facebook account for daily and weekly specials.

GF Diner also now offers beer, wine and ciders now, as they got their liquor license.

But wait their is more!

They have a retail store area!  The retail section will be a mix of in-house gluten free products to be bought by customers to take home, such as baking and cooking ingredients, some gluten free mixes, ready to heat gluten free products like lunches and dinners, soups, etc.: Lasagnas, Pizzas, Pizza pockets, chicken fingers, burgers, perogies, pastas, etc. 

Gluten free meals will typically change often with staples such as pizzas and lasagna being available at all times. In addition to the these entrée type items, they will have in-house baked goods available, some breads, buns, treats, iced cupcakes cinnamon buns etc.

They will also carry top sellers from other gluten free suppliers like Kinnikinnick Foods, such as their complete soft line, some mixes, cookies. They will also sell Dr. Schaer line of gluten free products.
Not done yet, because GF Diner really wants you to stay, have a drink and have a good time!  Some activities, they are planning on a regular basis are:
  • Special reservation only dinners
    • Pizza and beer night , most likely every Friday evening
    • Perogies and Pasta nights
    • Pub night with Fish and Chips
    • Featured Country dishes
  • Nightcap concert series is once a month, typically on a Thursday night with a special meal item, these evenings will always feature a concert by professional music artists in a listening venue and a meal with desert, just like our last one.
  • Classical Concert Coffee time once a month on Sunday afternoons between 2-4, with professional musicians perform a concert.  Specialty cakes and tortes, like Sacher tortes, seasonal tortes, mocha tortes, black forest cakes etc. to be served as well.

Be sure to check their website for all of these great events.