PC Brand Gluten Free Pasta found at Superstore

We have written in the past about the big grocery store brands like Our Compliments and PC introducing their own lines of gluten free products.  Really hard to keep up with it all and try all the products.  But here we had the opportunity to try the PC gluten free corn fusilli.

I'll admit right off the bat, our first impression with corn pasta was really bad.  So we are always hesitant with corn pasta.  But we find a lot of other people really enjoy the corn pasta, so we shouldn't write it off.  Rice vs. Corn certainly has different textures or at least consistency of the pasta.  I still do prefer rice, or now even quinoa over all, but this pasta passed the test none the less.  What a like about corn pasta is the virbant yellow colour it takes on.  It really makes the dish look bright and delicious.  Rice and quinoa is usually a bland looking beige.

We used the pasta to make our cream cheese pesto pasta.  I boiled the pasta to a softer el dante while cooking the vegetables in some pesto.  I then added the pasta, and mixed in some cream cheese and more pesto for flavouring.  Dinner worked out really well, and the pasta did hold up for the next day in the cheese sauce.

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