How much do you spend on gluten free foods at the grocery store?

So, some of you may already know this, but if you have a Celiac diagnosis from your doctor, you can be keeping all of your receipts with gluten free purchases to get a tax credit.  You can read some of my Celiac tax return tips.  I know some people say it is not worth the time for what you get back, but I say, why let Revenue Canada keep money you deserve.

But enough of that, this year I thought, hey, I itemize all of the receipts and categorize everything (because I'm a geek like that).  So I have some pretty interesting data to share.  How much did we actually spend on gluten free products?  What did we buy more of?  How much more was spent on gluten free compared to non-gluten free?

So here are some of the numbers.

Total spend on gluten free products - $786.45
Incremental Different - $506

That means we spent an extra $506 on gluten free products over the price of a standard product.  A lot right?

Where did we spend our money?

We shopped at 16 different places for gluten free products for the year, including Kinnikinnick, RioVida, Superstore, Wal-Mart, Costco, Sobey's and even Winners.  We spend the most at Kinnikinnick, mainly on their gluten free flour mix, gluten free pancake mix and gluten free bread.

What did we buy?

Looks like lots of pasta, bread and pancakes oh my!!

Where do you spend your gluten free dollars?