VH Asian Sauces - All Sauces are Now Gluten Free!

When we first started researching the gluten free diet, it was to our surprise that sauces contained gluten.  In fact it was difficult to find a soy sauce that was gluten free.  Until we found VH.  What a life saver, we can make stir fry's again.  Fast forward several years, we can now make lots more because VH has made all of their sauces gluten free.  And they have a lot of great sauces from Pad Thai, Tandoori to Honey Garlic and Teriyaki.  Below we tried out the Tandoori Sauce.  It was very tasty, a nice sweet flavour.  It passed the kid test and our 1 year old couldn't get enough of it.  One great thing that VH does is share recipes with their sauces.  So if you want to try something different check out the packaging and the VH website for recipes.  Just remember because their sauces are gluten free, their recipe may not be.  So be sure to read them carefully and make any subtitutes as needed.

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