Thai Flavours Restaurant Brings on Gluten Free

Before my gluten free Celiac days I loved certain foods. Thai food, Asian foods of all types were top on my list of favorite restaurants. When I moved back to Edmonton after living away for a number of years, a close friend (known for finding great hidden gems of the restaurant community) brought me to Thai Flavours Restaurant. Back then (2007) there really wasn't much going on in this neighborhood, in fact aside from a couple of restaurants, a bank and a Safeway the entire plaza located at the Grange in West Edmonton was virtually empty. Thai Flavours is located at 2570 Guardian Road Edmonton. 

It had been years since I was at Thai Flavours restaurant, but when we were wracking our brains to think of a new place to check out without travelling too far, it was the perfect selection. 

We called ahead and asked all of the usual dietary questions. We spoke with the manager on the phone and clarified that in fact they could manage my dietary issues and seemed to have a good understanding of what it was I was asking. We walked in and the smell just brought me back to that first time I went to Thai Flavours with my close friend years ago. 

We were seated quickly, the place is quite small inside and it wasn't long before we noticed that while every table was full with customers, Thai Flavours really does do a LOT of take out service too. 

We ordered the Salad rolls and substituted the satay peanut sauce for a sweet & sour sauce instead (nut allergies at the table plus Celiac). As well we ordered the Gang Keaw Wan (a slightly spicy green curry dish) with coconut rice and a Chicken Pad Thai with no peanuts and they did not put the hoisen sauce in the mix. It was delicious, albeit a bit spicier than we expected (the curry dish I mean). We all enjoyed the left overs the next day as well. Those flavours just seem to get better with time. 

We left the restaurant happy, full and beyond pleased to have found a great Thai restaurant that doesn't require a lengthy car ride to get to.  I definitely would recommend giving Thai Flavours restaurant a try.

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  1. Something about the chilly outdoors makes you want to stay indoors more often, for longer hours. Afterwards I always need a storage space to keep all of my extra stuff.


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