Good Gluten Free Eats at Ceole Envie

We have a returning guest blogger! @erinkbolton had first written for us a guest blog post about gluten free cake pops.  This time she comes to us with a restaurant review abotu Creole Envie, one of Edmonton's hot spots that offers up some great gluten free dishes:

Creole Envie is an amazing restaurant on the east side of Edmonton. I went there with a friend of mine as he is vegetarian and his boss had recommended it for it's vegetarian choices. Upon request they can also provide a vegan menu. When I made the reservation I indicated that I'd need a gluten free menu and they said that wouldn't be a problem. When we got there, the waitress was very excited to tell me that I could order ANYTHING off of the menu and it could be made gluten free. I ordered a fried catfish po' boy and it was DELICIOUS. This restaurant gets their breads made for them and the bun that was used for the po' boy was not only huge, but tasted great and didn't fall to pieces. My friend, who is not experienced in gluten free diets, tried the bread and actually liked it! I was so full but the waitress did say that she had peach cobbler that was gluten free for dessert and I wish I had room to try it!

I highly recommend this restaurant. The staff seem extremely knowledgeable regarding gluten free diets and there are lots of choices. Many things on that menu that I can try that I've never tried before! PLEASE go try it and let me know what you think!

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  1. I think I would go just for the peach cobbler :)

  2. I was just there on Tuesday 19/14 and in the hospital that night. The plate was NOT ordered Gluten Free. I found that the sever was poorly trained and the owner was more concerned on a bad review that we posted then the safety and care and training that is needed.


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