Egipcios - A Must Try Moroccan Cookie Recipe

Egipcios are Moroccan cookies that are basically shortbread cookies stuffed with a date mixture.  Egipcios (Egypians) are cookies my Mama would make and serve every Shabbat lunch.  I loved them, along with the peanut butter cookies and chocolate buns should would make.

One of my dads cousins passed on the family recipe to me so I can try to make them gluten free.  Well, lied, I didn't try to make it gluten free, my wonderful mother'n'law tried to make them gluten free.  Actually, she succeeded making them gluten free.

I posted this recipe on my brothers Haggis and Herring blog a while back and I just wanted to share it with everyone.  Check out the "Egipcios - Moroccan Shortbread Cookie with Dates" on the Haggis and Herring blog.  This recipe works with a straight up substitute of Kinnikinnick all purpose gluten free flour when it asks for flour.  Also make sure the baking powder you use gluten free.

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