Gluten Free Sushi at Sumo Sumo in Sherwood Park

Here is a great guest blog review of Sumo Sumo in Sherwood Park just outside of Edmonton.  It is not everyday you find a good sushi place that manages a gluten free meal very well.  Enjoy what Andrea has to share about Sumo Sumo:

I would like to give a virtual standing ovation to Sumo Sumo.

I have Celiac disease (I cannot have gluten--wheat/barley/rye/oats) which makes it a bit difficult to dine out. This is especially true when eating sushi, as much of it contains soy sauce (which usually has wheat in it), or has tempura or breading. I am usually wary of sushi restaurants as I have gotten sick many times as either the staff is not educated regarding what gluten is or what menu items contain gluten, the menu does not list the item as having tempura/other gluten sources in it, or I am too embarrassed to ask. I usually end up getting some plain sashimi, or get sick from my order.

That being said, I was slightly nervous to attend a dinner date with my 3 girlfriends at Sumo Sumo restaurant last night (I had previously never been). I looked at the menu and saw many items would likely have soy sauce in the sauce, or had tempura or panko crumbs. It wasn’t looking good.

I asked our server (whose name I can’t remember) if she knew if any gluten free items were available or if anything could be modified to be gluten free. She informed me that many items had tempura, but those foods could be steamed instead of battered. I was blown away—no one has ever offered this to me before. I asked about the panko crumbs, and the server said the items could be made without the crumbs and she offered to substitute avocado (my favourite) in its place. I was just elated that the staff would go out of their way to create a meal for me that is similar to the fantastic “normal” options offered on the menu. I expressed this to my server and friends, and I don’t think they understand how excited I was. Perhaps it can only be truly appreciated by a celiac, but I was most impressed that the restaurant would accommodate my dietary needs, without telling me just to have a salad.

Furthermore, when the bill came, I noticed the server had flagged my order multiple times saying that it was strictly “gluten free” and to steam the vegetables/shrimp instead of batter and fry them. Again, this made me so happy to know she was taking my request seriously and that it wasn’t just a preference or a fad diet.

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  1. I had a very different experience at Sumo Sumo.

    Their website says they have a gluten free menu, but yet when we got there everyone was confused and eventually we were told there wasn't one and to just ask what I can have.

    Our server barely seemed to know what gluten was, and kept asking if I was 'OK' with weird things. I was like uhhhh well, if it's gluten free, then yes! If not, then no. Same thing with my fiance's nut allergy. "Are you 'OK' with tempura?" Ugh. IF IT IS NUT FREE HE IS OK WITH IT!

    And the dessert she said we could both have came out with a hazelnut biscuit (my fiance has a nut allergy which we also told her about) and I said "This isn't gluten free, is it?" to which she replied "Yes, it's just a biscuit!"

    Doh. Needless to say, we won't be going back.

  2. I, too, had a horrible experience at Sumo Sumo.

    The waitress I had seemed completely clueless as to what a gluten-free diet was -- even though they list themselves as "gluten-free" on Urban Spoon.

    Long story short she brought me out the wrong dish which contained tempura. When I brought this to her attention she seemed annoyed and later brought out the rolls I had originally ordered. However the rolls she brought contained tempura pieces (which I had asked to be removed because of allergy reasons when I ordered). When I brought this to her attention I was met with annoyance on her end. I finally got my food 1 hour later, and became incredibly ill from it...

    I would recommend Tokyo noodle house on whyte. I find them very accommodating.

  3. I've been here a handful of times now and have EXCELLENT experiences every time. They are very knowledgable about which meals I can have. The Joes special roll is my favorite with a few minor adjustments. Great GF sushi place!!


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