ebook for Gluten Free Cruisers

Here is for supporting local authours and resources.

Mark Roseman is from St. Albert and wrote an ebook titled "Cruising with Special Diets".  We haven't reviewed the ebook, but looks like it could be a helpful guide to cruising with a Celiac diet.

Cruising with Special Diets brings together in one place all the necessary info (and ways to solve the inevitable problems!) that people with food allergies, vegans, celiacs, etc. should know about. It's a practical guide for people with special diets to help decide if cruise travel is a good choice for them, and if so, how to really make it happen safely and with minimal frustration. In other words, all the stuff the cruise lines don't tell you up front!

You can download the ebook for a small fee or browse some of the resources from the book for free at http://www.cruisespecialdiet.com.

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