Gluten Free Lasagna Noodle from Italian Centre

Last month, Amanda and I found an amazing gluten free lasagna noodle at the Italian Centre with their gluten free products.

The gluten free noodle from Farabella is imported from Italy and made from corn flour.  We find most "authentic" gluten free noodles from Italy are made from corn.  Just an interesting observation.

Previously we've always used Tinkanyada gluten free noodles because we know they hold up well, while cooking, and for left overs the next day.  What I really love about this gluten free noodle (which actually doesn't call itself a lasagna noodle), is that it is such a thin noodle.  Even the wheat noodles are twice as thick as these noodles.

I remember when visit New York (pre Amanda's Celiac), and having lasagna in Little Italy, the noodles for the lasagna being really think and layered really well.  It makes quite the difference in taste because you are not eating all noodle.  When Amanda made used the Farabella noodle the first time, it took me back to that authentic Italian meal we had.  It was so tasty, because you got so much of the sauce, and seasoning, and cheese mixed in throughout the layers.  We've since bought more of course.  But have only seen it at the Italian Centre across the street from West Edmonton Mall.  I can only assume they will keep these in stock, but because it is an imported product from Italy, you never know how long they will keep on bringing the product in.

Nice thinly layered gluten free lasagna
Please enjoy these noodles!

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