Gluten Free for the Holidays in Edmonton

So it's December 1st, 2013.  I thought this was a good time to write about some of the gluten free holiday goodies you can get around town this year.

Our family just started celebrating Chanukah.  It is a tradition to eat a jelly donut called Sufganiyah.  Last year was the first time we found someone that was able to make us a gluten free jelly donut.  We have Najah from RioVida to thank for that.  I was just able to sneak in an order just in time because Chanukah crept up on me this year and came early.

Not only is Chanukah on it's way by the Christmas Holiday season has probably hit full gear for many families already.  West Edmonton Mall is already a mess with everyone tracking down the perfect holiday gift and planning out the perfect Christmas meal.  With that being said, we can't talk food without talking gluten free.  So what type of gluten free goodies you pick up around town?

Here are a few things happening:

La Oliva Gluten Free Kitchen

Alisha from La Oliva Gluten Free Kitchen is sure to be busy with their assorted gluten free dessert trays and gluten free buffet menu.

Dessert Tray:
(butter tart pecan squares, shortbread cookies, ginger cookies, blondies, energy cookies e.g.)
Small (Approx.30 pieces)- $45
Large (Approx.50 pieces)- $65

Alisha also has a gluten free buffet benu for $24 a head.  The menu looks really good.

To place an order for a tray or to get more information on the buffet, email or call 780-292-4167. I will be accepting orders until Dec.20th and the last day to pick them up will be Dec.23rd.

La Oliva also has gluten free cooking classes.  The classes are very exclusive, infact the December 8th class had already sold out by the time she emailed me this information.  Contact Alisha about future classes if you are interested.

Gluten-free Christmas baking- Sunday, Dec.8th from 1:00-5:00pm (SOLD OUT)
Gluten-free and vegan Christmas baking- Saturday, Dec 11th from 6:00-9:00pm


Kinnikinnick always has a wide variety of gluten free holiday treats for Christmas at their store.

Festive muffins
Mince tarts
Mince pies
Pumpkin pies
Pumpkin tarts
Assorted chocolates
Peppermint chocolate chip cookie
Gingerbread cookies in assorted shapes
Sugar cookies in assorted shapes
Special cupcakes
Assorted squares individual
Yule logs
Festive bread
Eggnog jelly rolls
Spiced Cherry buns
Lemon Cranberry twist

Kinnikinnick asks to have any special orders for Christmas in by December 13th!


Najah from RioVida will also have a few specials on for the holidays:

  • Cookie dough from $9 per tab makes up to 12 cookies  (chocolate chips , ginger bread for the holidays and short bread ). All cookie dough available vegan by request in 5 days advance 
  • 6 per package cup chocolate with Kahlua chocolate ganache cake $15
  • 6 tiramisu for only $15 
RioVida needs 4 days advance for any order to be fresh or available frozen any time after December 1 to 24

GF Diner
Ted from GF Diner just can't seem to get away from the kitchen!  That's great news that the diner is thriving. But he did manage to sneak away to let me know that they will have some special holiday dessert items in forms of squares, cookies, fruit cake etc., as well as some pies. Ted is also shaping together special events for the week around Christmas with some holiday dinner specials, special desserts and drinks  Follow GF Diner on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Holiday Recipe
What to make something yourself?  Cathy from the Sherwood Park Support Group shared this wonderful Breton Brittle recipe using Breton's new gluten free product line.

Have a favourite holiday recipe to link to?  Let us know and we will update this post.

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