What to do with gluten free snacks you don't like?

So sometimes you come across gluten free snacks you don't like.  Luckily that doesn't happen very much anymore.  But when it does, you don't want to waste the food right?  Afterall, sometimes this stuff can be expensive.
Sweet chili tortilla Chip crusted cod

I have a tip that Amanda tried with flavoured chips that you don't like.  We recently samples a variety of flavoured chips by Way Better Snacks.  We loved them.  They tasted great, except for one flavour.  Just didn't sit well with us as a chip.  So what did Amanda do?  She used the sweet chili chips as a crust for fish!

Yum, that re-purposing of the chips worked out perfectly.  We picked up some Cod from Costco.  Amanda poured out handfuls of the chips onto a cutting board, and then used a rolling pin to crush them up (you can also through them into a food processes).  She didn't crush them up finely, had small little chunks.

She egg washed the fish and then rolled in the crushed tortilla chips and then pan fried in oil.  Yummy!  Let us know of any tips you have to save gluten free snacks you didn't like.

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