Quizno's Launches Gluten Free Bun in Edmonton

For those of you that don't follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we just wanted to let you know that Quizno's is testing a gluten free bun in Edmonton.  Why Edmonton?  Well we have our very own widely popular Kinnikinnick to thank for that as they are supplying a special order bun to Quizno's for the test.

This is at the 109 St / Jasper Ave. location
Not all locations may be carrying this bun, so look for the signage.  Amanda is still waiting to try our first sub.

So what do you need to know before eating at Quizno's?  Well at this point I have very little information except that they will have information on what is gluten free and what is not.  I believe I was told the beef is not gluten free and most of the sauces are.

No here comes the touchiest subject of them all.  Cross contamination!  Buyer beware!  Quizno's is a fast paced sub shop.  Don't eat there if you don't feel comfortable eating there.  Just like all restaurants (except for maybe GF Diner), Quizno's is unable to guarantee that your sub will not come into contact with gluten.  However, there will be processes in places to help reduce the possibility of cross contamination with items that contain gluten.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will not let restaurants that operate in a kitchen like Quizno's say they are completely gluten free.  Which is why you often see signs such as "may contain gluten" or "not recommended for Celiacs".  Restaurants have to have their disclaimers.

Also remember, the people working are just following orders.  If you are not happy with the process, gently remind them about cross contamination, but most importantly, contact head office at quiznos.ca.  Give them the feedback they need to know to improve the process to make you feel more comfortable.  If you are happy with everything, contact them as well!  Let them know you appreciate it.  The more feedback there is, shows them the more interest there is, which means they are more likely to keep the gluten free bun around.

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  1. It burns me how so many places get away with using the "gluten free" label, then have small print saying otherwise. It either is or it isn't, and if it isn't they should not be able to advertise as such.

  2. I agree! No company should say gluten free if they offer glutened bread on the same grill. Unless you have another grill, I wont be buying it

  3. Personally I don't have an issue with Quiznos or the places where you can actually see the food prep. If you consider the risk of contamination too great, eat elsewhere or inform them of the problem. Now to bring the product east!!

  4. They actually say not suitable for people with wheat intolerance or celiacs on the advertisements and then I was verbally told when I ordered it which is a lot better than other places. It tastes horrible even though its toasted but I commend there efforts.

  5. I just tried it today and I thought it was really good!


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