Simply Sprouted Way Better Snacks

A while back I got sent a sample box of Way Better Snacks by Simply Sprouted.  It took us a while to get around to sampling these guys.  But eventually we tried them, and when we did, we almost went through all the bags of tortilla chips at once.

What prompted us to try them is that we saw them at Sobey's Hawkstone, and thought "We should probably try these gluten free snacks eh?".  The tortilla chips are certified GF, non-gmo and OU kosher, so essentially it is a triple threat of a snack.  Way to go.  Way gave our friend RL the Black Bean tortilla bag to try first and she loved them.  We then opened up the Sweet Potato bag, and ate them up in a day.  I just opened up the multi grain bag, and loved them.  They are a bit salty (but they have unsalted flavours) but have a great texture and crunch to them.  They are square shaped, excellent for dipping.

Our least favourite flavour was the Sweet Chili.  I don't know how to explain why it was not our favourite, but it just wasn't.  But we did re-purpose the chip for something else that I will share in another post.

Hope you enjoy these snacks!

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