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We recently visited Plow and Harvest Casual & Comfort Food in Edmonton's west end, across from Mayfield Commons.  We had missed an opportunity to visit them during their launch party so it took a while for Amanda and I to actually go in for a visit.

I loved the decor of the restaurant.  It was very bright and the colours certainly fit the theme of the fresh rural foods being served.  They even had a big plow at the entrance of the restaurant.  Service here works a bit differently at this restaurant.

A greeter meets you at the door and gives you menu's.  You grab a seat on your own, browse the menu, and walk up to the cashier to place your order and tell them what table number you are.  everything is paid up front and all the food is made fresh in the back.  Certainly a slight variation of "fast causual" restaurants.

On their menu, all of their gluten free menu items are labeled as GF.  There is quite a bit of options available.  Amanda ordered the Heritage Roasted Turkey with a side of herbed mashed potatoes.  It came with some gluten free gravy and cranberry sauce.  The Turkey was slow roasted to perfection.  Very tender, and flavorful with the gravy (I snuck some myself).

They do have gluten free sandwiches available.  Downside is that you add an extra $3 for the sandwich, and I believe the sandwich is half the size.  I gave the suggestion that they should do what Press'd does, and that a full sandwich is actually 2 sandwiches to equal out the size.

Remember to always ask questions about what you are ordering and remind them that you are ordering gluten free.  Sometimes buns are part of the order and you don't want to end up with a bun on your plate or anything like that.

You can find Plow & Harvest both on Instagram and Twitter to ask questions.  They are very responsive:

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  1. It says on their website that there is no charge for the GF bread - I wonder if they just changed that after your visit?

  2. Don't order the sandwiches. I ordered the sloppy joe sandwich and the bread just disintigrated. They don't toast it before serving as far as I can tell and it just wasn't enjoyable to eat. The second time I was there I ordered the bison sausage and it was delicious, however they had to re-make my order because they brought it to the table with the bread on it. I'm going to give them one more chance, hopefully they will be good.

  3. They are closed now


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