Karma"Finn Gluten Free Muffins found at Save on Foods

This was certainly an interesting sample that was sent to our house by U-Be-Livin-Smart.  I always hold my breath when tasting a bread product.  Only because Amanda and I have come across some awful products that haven't made our blog.  We try to write about what options are our there to eat, not uneatable.

When these arrived, I put them right in the freezer because I knew we were not going to try them right away. The Karma"ffin is gluten-free but also so much more, as it provides a full serving of fruits and vegetables, seven grams of protein, three grams of fiber and no added sugar, salt, additives or preservatives. And it actually tastes good!  The no preservatives is why the ended up in the freezer.  I didn't want them to spoil.

So when it came time to try these guys, I just popped the box out of the freezers and took a gamble with the microwave.  Now like I said above, I always hold my breath because we never know if what we are tasting is going to be dense, flavourless, hard as a rock, or mushy.  Well, thankfully these were not.  You know how often gluten free desserts can be really dense?  Well this was the opposite of dense, it was actually really fluffy like sponge.  I think that might be my only knock to this product, is that it might have been a tad too moist with the sponginess.  But the moistness could have been because it was in the freezer and then plunked in the microwave.  But really, not a lot of people may complain about the texture of these.

Certainly worth checking out at Save-on-Foods some day if you come by them.

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