Sweet Treats from All But Gluten

By now you all may have seen the bright yellow packaging with big green bold lettering "ALL BUT GLUTEN".  For those not familiar, All But Gluten is a Weston Families gluten free line of products.  This is differing from the Loblaws exclusive PC line of gluten free products, because the All But Gluten products can be found outside of Loblaws stores like Wal-Mart.  All But Gluten has also gone through the Canadian Celiac Association Gluten Free Certification Program to ensure high gluten free quality standards.

All But Gluten sent us some samples to try, after all no matter how big of a company you are, sampling really works to get the word out there about your product because it has people tasting it and talking about it.  Just like me now!

All But Gluten makes various types of gluten free breads and treats.  For the sake of this blog post, I just wanted to introduce you to a couple of the treats that we tried first.  The other day we had the family over for dinner.  We actually made a slow cooker beef brisket (a recipe that I should share), it as fantastic!  I had never made beef brisket.  But I didn't know what to serve for dessert, so I thought "hey, I have an audience, lets bring out the All But Gluten samples".  My friends and family are not short of any opinion, so off to the freezer I went (you buy the products unfrozen, but I froze them because I don't know how long they last) and picked out the chocolate brownies and macaroons.

What I liked about both of these treats as that they were both bite size!  A couple yummy bites and you are done.  The brownies were by far everyone's favourite.  They were really soft, and tasty, not short of any chocolate flavour.  I liked the macaroons too, but I like macaroons in general.  They were a bit harder than I thought they would be, but still tasted great.  Not a bad start for All But Gluten.  Next up for us to try is the gluten free focaccia and gluten free breads.

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