Mucho Burrito for a Gluten Free Lunch?

Want a quick lunch downtown?  Check out Mucho Burrito!  Yes they have some gluten free options.  Some locations have a gluten free safe list stuck to the order desk, and others have it behind the counter.  You just have to ask.

Amanda and I have eaten their several times already.  Take a look at the gluten free options menu.  I got a pretty good pic of it below.

We also got a pretty good pic of the tasty food!  The chips are gluten free, but the wraps aren't.  So Amanda had Mucho Burrito salad style.  This is great for a quick lunch downtown or where there is a Mucho Burrito near you.

Mucho Burrito 109th St. on Urbanspoon

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  1. I actually contacted them because they stated certain things weren't gluten free due to containing whey. Whey, of course, is the by-product of cheese-making and is gluten free (though obviously not lactose-free). I'm thinking someone either caught on to the similar sound and made a mistake thinking whey=wheat, or there is flour and they mixed up some other way in listing. At an rate, at the end of next week their ingredient listings will be up on the website so hopefully I can enjoy carnitas next time instead of asada!

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