Gluten Free Pizza's Found at Costco

I'm sure all of you Costco shoppers have seen the Sabatasso’s Pizzeria four cheese gluten free pizza's.  But you non-Costco shoppers probably haven't yet.  Sabatasso makes both gluten free and wheat based pizza's, so be sure to read the box first.  You will be happy to know that these crusts have been certified through the Canadian Celiac Association Gluten Free Certification Program.  So you know they are made in a safe environment.

We tried these pizza's and they are actually really good and it is a nice medium size pizza for under $13.  Our only tip is that be prepared to add a little extra to the pizza.  Although the crust is really tasty, we felt like we had to add a little more to it.  So when Amanda pulled it out of the freezer, she added a little more cheese and some extra toppings since it only comes as a cheese pizza.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Went looking for this at the Sherwood Park Costco today and they didn't have them :( Would you mind posting which Costco you found them at? Thanks!

    1. I found it at the sherwood park location on 24 Nov 2013

  2. The pizza crusts are exclusively made for Costco. So they should be at all of them. However, this picture was taken at the Winterburn location across from the River Cree Casino.



  3. Thanks, Abisaac! I find that sometimes our SP Costco doesn't carry the full inventory of some of the bigger city stores. I will make sure I stop in that store next time I'm headed to the west end.


  4. This is the first pizza of any kind I have had in over a year. I added leftover roasted vegetables and a few tomatoe slices and the pizza was delicious! I would not know it was gluten free. I hope Costco keeps selling it.

  5. Costco quit carrying this after I got addicted to it. best pizza. boo!

  6. I went to Costco last night and they confirmed that they are discontinuing this pizza! There has got to be someplace else to get it! Right? :o(

  7. May be instead of putting a giant size GLUTEN FREE logo , if they just put a wheat icon and put cross on it , just like companies do for peanut free products , it will get more acceptance from general public. I will keep on screening selves and refrigerators. Costco has introduced more gluten free items in recent past.

  8. My family loves these pizza's but Costco in Fresno, CA has pulled them off the shelf. How do we get them back??????????????

  9. FYI- these are back on Costco shelves in Los Angeles. I plan on buying all of them :-)


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