FDA finally defines what gluten free means

So this is kind of old news already, because the news broke a few weeks ago, but the United States, has finally caught up to Canadian standards when it comes to gluten free.  Previously from my understanding there was not much of a regulation for what manufacturers in the US can call gluten free.  Health Canada (our regulatory body) has always had the strict regulation of a product can not be labelled gluten free unless it measures at 20ppm of gluten or less.

This is certainly great for Celiac's in the United States and for any cross border shoppers here in Canada.  Knowing that the food standards are finally the same, and they can buy foods labelled gluten free with a lot more confidence.

Read the news release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Also read the article "FDA defines what 'gluten free' on packaged food means" from CTV Edmonton.

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