Urban Diner for Dinner

Wait, didn't we just write about Urban Diner?  Oh yes we did, but what I didn't mention is that we went back for dinner.  Why? because we wanted something different for dinner as one of our friends was visiting from Calgary.

We already knew they were gluten free friendly for brunch, so it was safe to assume they were gluten free friendly for dinner as well.  Well, I still wasn't going to take that chance and asked Amanda to call ahead to make sure there were some good gluten free options for her.  Because they serve gluten free bread, almost all of their sandwiches were great.  Amanda ordered the gluten free rueben sandwich (for anyone that knows Amanda, you know that is her go to sandwich if its on the menu).  She enjoyed it considerably.  They seasoned the bread, and had a little cumin curry dajon.  Something unexpected, but tasted great.  Yes of course, once again, I had to sample!

I believe the shepherds pie was also gluten free!  We will certainly be back to Urban Diner.

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  1. I love their ruben sandwich as well! They also have Gluten Free cakes (from WOW Factor)


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