Tim Horton's Introduces a Gluten Free Macaroon

In August of 2012 I posted on Facebook a pic of Tim Hortons.  In the comment stream, I talked about speaking to someone from their operations saying they are working on a gluten free treat.  Forward 11 months later and guess what?

Picture shared on Facebook from @YouHadMeatGF
Check out what people were talking about on Facebook about Tim Horton's gluten free macaroon!

Yup you are reading that correctly, that is an Tim Horton's ad for their gluten free coconut macaroon.  The macaroon is prepackaged and made offsite to avoid any cross contamination.  Tim Horton's also went through the Canadian Celiac Associations gluten free certification program which is continuing to grow.  The macaroons are also OU Kosher.

What do they look like in the packaging? Well check out this tweet of the gluten free macaroons by @YouHadMeAtGF's

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  1. I never go into Timmies. Mostly because I hate their coffee but also because I hate being tempted by a zillion things I can't have. However, I was in there the other day to buy my mum a coffee and saw these things. I didn't buy any but my first reaction was "FINALLY!" then I looked around hoping to see other stuff.... sadly disappointed. Why has it taken these guys so long to hop on the bandwaggon?

  2. Hi Scully, it did take them a while, but I know for a fact they were working on this for about a year. I think considering the complexities of a donut shop trying to serve something gluten free and safe, they took the time to do it right! Kudos to Tim Hortons eh?

    --Abisaac Saraga

  3. I wish they had tried something other than something with coconut...but I tried them anyway. Did not like them - first two ingredients are coconut and icing sugar....no wonder they are so sweet !!! Took two bites...shoulda stopped after the first, hard to get the taste out of my mouth. I would be happy if they tried a gingerbread or sugar cookie !


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