Shopping Gluten Free at London Drugs in Edmonton

May was Celiac Awareness Month, and what a month it was.  So many events and awareness campaigns by the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter including the Louisiana Purchase Celiac Dinner.  During Celiac Awareness Month reps from London Drugs contacted me because they wanted to work with us for an awareness campaign.  Unfortunately we were way to backed up to even get a post out to Celiac Awareness month.  But that didn't stop London Drugs from wanting to continue raising awareness after May, because it's important to always be raising awareness about Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet.  That is why London Drugs has a fairly large selection of gluten free products all year round.

So, who says you can't do your gluten free shopping at London Drugs?  London Drugs was gracious to send us this hugs shopping bag full of gluten free products, just as a sample of what you can pick up at your nearest London Drugs.  Amanda's face lit up when she saw the Bakery on Main cereal, because that is certainly one of her favourites.  I also love the Glutino crackers and the GoGo Quinoa penne, yum!  Love cooking with quinoa pasta.

Another thing we love about London Drugs (and no we were not told to say this), is that they actually put their gluten free products on special.  I like seeing that because as we all know, gluten free products can be so expensive, so it is certainly nicer on our wallets when we see a store willing to put gluten free products on sale.

Let us know what gluten free products you like picking up from London Drugs.  See what we have written about in the past about London Drugs.

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