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For anyone who hasn't yet been out to see Najah at Rio Vida Gluten Free Bakery in the west end of Edmonton, you simply must immediately!

Najah has a fully devoted gluten free facility and is able to make nut free and dairy free products as well. She actually devotes and entire day to do her nut free baking all in one shot to truly ensure that there is not cross contamination of nuts. Isn't that great?

Against The Grain Gluten & Dairy free bread 
Most recently we were in to Rio Vida seeking something special for Mother's Day and we were, as always, greeted with a huge hello and caring, sincere smiles. Najah shared with us some of her most recent selection of gluten free products. Some of the items were made by her while another one in particular was not.

Najah explained that her friend Brian from Lakeview Bakery in Calgary comes up to Edmonton every Friday with palates of freshly made gluten free Artisan home made breads. She then sells the loafs over the weekend and if there are any leftover they are frozen and available for sale as well. We tried the loaf of bread and it was amazing. We were so pleased with the taste and texture of the bread. You will truly think that it must be a regular gluten bread when you taste it. It is simply lovely.

While we were at Rio Vida we also got some of Najah's own handmade gluten free Artisan buns for our Mother's Day BBQ. They were excellent. I know most people would never even think of something like this, but my only comment about the buns was that they were full sized and I could not eat the entire bun. I know, silly isn't it but it's the truth. 

What is your favorite gluten free product from Rio Vida? Let us know. And most importantly if you have not yet been out to see Najah at Rio definitely should!

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  1. Hands down favourite from Najah is the chocolate mousse cake with raspberry and Kahlua. Just amazing.
    I also got to sample her new gluten, egg and dairy free buns and they were so amazing. Crispy on the outside and buttery soft on the inside. I drive a long way to go visit her!

  2. One of our favourites is Najah's spinach and feta flatbreads- wonderful alone, or with a salad! Oh, and I must mention also her perogies! So excellent. Just tasted some of her soups this week, and they are absolutely delicious as well! :)

  3. Just went there for the first time - LOVED It. Thank you :)


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