Cookie Love Brings us Gluten Free Cookies

Our friend RL is in love with Cookie Love on the corner of 102 ave. and 124 St. in downtown Edmonton.  She bought a sample pack of the gluten free cookies that they offer.  Just note that all of their gluten free cookies are made in the same facility as their regular cookies.  However they are looking for ways to reduce cross contamination.  Here is what RL had to say:

In case you haven't heard, COOKIE LOVE ( is a local independent business located in the High Street area in Edmonton. They have over 13 kinds of cookies including several gluten free options.
These three are amazing:

Cooper’s Trail Blazer Bar! (Raw,Vegan)
Packed With Nuts, Dried Fruit, Puff-rice, Oats & A Touch Of Dark Chocolate!!! (Wheat free)

Cooper’s Chocolate Cluster! (Raw,Vegan,Gluten-Free)
A Little, tangy, Crunchy, & Packed With ENERGY!

Cooper’s PB S’more (Gluten-Free)
Bursting With Peanut Butter, Cocoa & a Goo-ey Marshmallow Centre. Who wants S’more?

The owners are very accommodating and can tell you when the gluten free varieties are in stock as they sell quickly.  They are also Twitter savvy, so you can reach them on Twitter @cookiescatering!

Of note: a portion of every cookie you purchase supports Cooper’s Kids, children from all across the globe they sponsor through Compassion Canada.

You can order cookies for delivery and they will ship cookies anywhere in Canada.  They will do custom orders and they make great wedding or party favours.  I love bringing cookies to meetings, it cheers everyone up!

Cookie Love's newest adventure is their Cookie Love Machine that will be pedaling around town selling Ice Cream Sandwiches.  I'm waiting for confirmation that the Love Machine will be selling gluten free ice cream sandwiches as well.

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Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. I'd like to know more about this store because I'm going gaga over cookies these days since I was able to try a very delicious one at a party last week. My craving for cookies got crazy after that. :)


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