Shopping Gluten Free at Freson Bros. in Stoney Plain

We took a trip out to the Freson Bros. Fresh Market in Stoney Plain.  It belongs to the family of IGA grocery stores, but customized to the community.  This location opened in March of 2013, so it is certainly one of the newer grocery stores in the area.  One of the main attractions to this store is the butcher that uses all local Alberta beef and pork products.  Although we didn't pick anything up during our visit, the meats looked amazing.

We had also heard that they have a little bit of gluten free products for the local Celiac community.  Well, a little is an understatement, because there was basically a whole section.  I was really impressed with the amount of selection they had considering that the Freson Bros. location was no Superstore or Wal-Mart in size.  Freson Bros. had everything from gluten free cereals, to frozen gluten free breads, to gluten free crackers and cookies, to gluten free shake'n'bake mixes from Namaste that I have only seen in Winnipeg.  I took some pictures of most of the stuff I saw.  Also notice how they have gluten free labels on the shelves.  We still recommend reading the labels every time, because sometimes product get relocated and through human error, signs forget to move with them.

Also note, they do have a cafe to eat lunch there, but the cafe was not as gluten free friendly as the grocery store itself.

Check out the pics below and we hope you enjoy your visit to Freson Bros.

Gluten free cereals

gluten free quinoa pasta
gluten free snack bars
gluten free breads, muffins, donuts and more
gluten free mixes (like shake n bake and pancake mixes), crackers, cookies and more

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  1. Hi Gluten Free Edmonton,

    Glad you liked the store! We try really hard to have a wide selection of Gluten-Free products at all times. If you or anyone has any product suggestions, please feel free to speak to our Store Manager Kerry Waldo, or myself, and we’ll see what we can do.

    We have looked at making Gluten-Free products in our Kitchens and Bakery but we just can’t guarantee there wont be any cross-contamination and don’t want to risk anyone’s health. If you have any questions about the ingredients of any of our in-store made products please speak to our Bakery or Deli Managers, who will be happy to help.

    Hope to see you again,

    Kevin Johnson
    Freson Bros. Grocery Director

  2. Damn everything is way too expensive. I guess they can get away with it in a little town.


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