Have you tried Hunt's Harvest Gluten Free Danish?

A while back we introduced you to Colleen Hunt and Hunt's Harvest's gluten free baked goods.  At that time we had not tried their product, but just wanted to let you know that they are a local baker that bakes gluten free.  Well, I have an update for you because we finally had the chance to sample Colleen's baking, thanks to some samples she dropped off.

Colleen dropped off a bunch of items to try, even though we only asked for one.  After all, we can only eat so much right?  She dropped off a loaf of bread, dinner rolls, and danishes.  I went right for the danishes, because I love my sweets and I had never seen a gluten free danish yet.  Let me tell you as a wheat eater, I couldn't tell the difference.  What a fantastic treat!

Colleen has a home kitchen that she does all of her baking in.  She now keeps her kitchen 100% gluten free as she wanted to reduce any chance of cross contamination.  Because she works out of a home kitchen, she can only sell at farmers markets which she has a couple lined up already for the summer:

Beginning May, 2013, she will be at the Callingwood farmers market on Wednesdays.

Be sure to check out Hunt's Harvest calendar or contact Colleen at huntsharvest12@yahoo.com to find out where she is selling her product.

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