More Gluten Free Options found at Bulk Barn

I had written about the large and ever increasing selection of gluten free items available at Bulk Barn awhile ago so this is simply meant as a revisit. Bulk barn continues to add to their selection of gluten free products both bulk as well as pre-packaged.

I am always amazed at the selection of gluten free products available at Bulk barn and this visit was no different. I have added a brief list of the new gluten free products that I found at Bulk barn in the west end located at 18431 Stony Plain Rd. There are a ton more gluten free products, but these are just products that I had never seen there before.

Newly found gluten free products at Bulk Barn
- Lesser Evil Brand Chia Crisps: Feta cheese and black olive, Southern BBQ, Dill Pickle & JalapeƱo Cheddar flavours *
- Natures Path cereals : many flavour varieties in different sizes of package
- The Simply Bar (protein bar): in many flavour varieties (I bought the caramel peanut one to try this time)
- XO Baking Co.  mixes: Chocolate cake, Fudge brownies, Vanilla cake, Banana bread, Corn bread, Chocolate Chip cookie, All purpose flour blend
- Mrs. Crimbles: Crackers, Macaroons and Chocolate or Yogurt covered rice cakes
- Enjoy Life: individually wrapped cookies in various flavours
- Neal Brothers Foods: Bandito Blue Corn tortilla chips
- RW Garcia: 5 Seed Crackers in onion & chive, rosemary garlic or tellicherry cracked pepper flavours

*Just an in any shopping expedition it is important to always remember to watch out for products marked as gluten free but stating “may contain...” or “produced in a facility that also processes wheat”.  Of all of the new gluten free products that I have listed above, only the Lesser Evil Brand Chia Crisps product said gluten free, but also said “produced in a facility that also processes Wheat”. Always remember to read the labels carefully and use your discretion.

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  1. Do you remember how much you paid for the simply bars? I saw a box of 15 at HomeSense for $24.99...not sure if that's a good deal or not

  2. Be careful, I have seen them cleaning the bins and they use one cloth and go from bin-top to bin-top, and scoop to scoop all along the isles so contamination is still very possible. I order their bulk bags (25 to 50 lb depending on what I buy) and then store the flour in 4 liter jars (old pickle jars). You also get a discount by buying in bulk.

  3. I'm wondering... If the stuff marked without wheat is actually gluten free... I've been loving the cassava chips, plain... but I've begun to notice that they are making me sick. Is it possible that they are not actually gf because of where there were made? Hard to find out because I've tried. I also notice, when in the store, that there are lots of what is supposed to be gf, according to the staff member who helped me but they are not shown as gf, only wheat free. I'm celiac - this could make a big difference to my wellbeing. At this point, I'm not sure it would be wise for me to continue to shop there.


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