Gluten Free products at Winners and Sobeys to check out
**This article will be seen also in the Edmonton Chapter Celiac Circular Newsletter May issue**

As someone who is always looking for a good deal, I find myself often checking out places like Winners & Homesense for new and different products. Now, I know, you need to have some time and patience when in those stores only because they have so many different things to look at and consider. Winners & Homesense have locations all over the city and the selection at each location varies. This means that if you find something you’re interested in, you should buy it because it may not be there when you come back or if you go to another location. However, they may have other great finds instead.

I always enjoy looking through the food section and seeing what’s new and different to try. Since becoming Celiac, of course, I am looking at and for different items than I was in my pre-gluten free days. I am always quite amazed at just how much great gluten free stuff is available at Winners & Homesense.  I have found a variety of boxed baking mixes, granola type bars as well as prepackaged cookies and cereals....All gluten free!!

Here’s a list of the items I found this month at Winners & Homesense that I had not seen before.

  • Sticky Fingers Bakeries Scones Mix – Lemon, Original and Wild Blueberry flavor
  • The Pure Pantry – Dark Chocolate cake mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie mix, Pancake baking mix, All purpose baking mix and Oatmeal cookie mix
  • Wholesome Chow – Vanilla cake mix
  • Better Batter – Pancake & Waffle mix, Yellow Cake mix and All purpose flour blend
  • Eco Ideas – Pancake Crepe mix
  • Baking Co. – Fudge brownie mix, Vanilla cake mix, Pancake mix and Chocolate chip cookie mix
  • 123 Gluten Free – Chocolate Pound cake mix
  • Bloomfield Farms – Vanilla Cake mix
As well, at Sobeys this month I found a couple of new brands/items I had never seen before.

  • Qi’a Super food Cereal : Made of Chia, Hemp and buckwheat – Apple Cinnamon, Original and Cranberry Vanilla flavors
  • Southern Home-style – Cornflake Crumbs and Tortilla Crumbs
As you can see, there are always new and exciting gluten free options coming out and sometimes you will find them in places you might not have expected.

Happy & safe gluten free eating everyone.

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