Gluten Free Cocoa Pebbles at Superstore in West Edmonton

This is just a quick note that gluten free Cocoa Pebbles can now be found at Superstore's in Edmonton.  For the time being they have been found at the Superstore on Stoney Plain Rd!

In the last few years, Fruity Pebbles received gluten free status in the United States.  Unfortunately Fruity Pebbles had stopped selling in Canada many many years ago.  I can't remember the last time I had them in Canada to be honest with you.  I think (my opinion only), the gluten free status really opened up a market for them to bring it back here to Canada.

I had posted an update on Facebook about the arrival of the gluten free Cocoa Pebbles at the beginning of April and it received an overwhelming response.  That is hopefully some positive reinforcement that Post cereal needs to keep them on the shelves here in Canada.

We already have a box in our pantry!

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