Five Guys Burgers and Fries, make that gluten free burgers and fries!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is fairly new to Canada and spreading pretty quickly country wide.  There are already three or four location in Edmonton and area.  The burger lovers we are, Amanda investigated and found on a discussion board that malt vinegar and the buns are the only gluten ingredients in a Five Guys Burgers restaurant.

Does that mean it is safe to eat there?  Well, if your name is Amanda, then it is yes!  I am sure that people will have their reservations, but as long as you are diligent as always and ask them to prepare the burger with new utensils and with no bun, then you are golden.  And then fact that they do not sell any onion rings, means the only thing that goes into their deep fryer are freshly cut potatoes.  How do we know they are freshly cut? Well when you walk into a Five Guys Burgers location, you walk into a wall of 20lbs bags of potatoes that staff keep on pulling from to make their fries.

We visited the location at the Currents of Windermere.  I already my regular cheese burger, and Amanda ordered her bacon cheese burger, no bun.  Sorry, let me correct that we both ordered little burgers.  Why little?  Because their regular burgers are all double patties, and trust me, a little burger is more than enough.  We also shared a french fry, because they are monstrous portions.

So Amanda had one little blip with her order.  Some would say big blip, but easily rectified.  The cashier forgot to say no bun to the kitchen staff.  Which was more annoying than it was dangerous, because they simply made a fresh bacon cheese burger and prepared it in a takeout metal container instead of a foil used to wrap burgers.  Next time Amanda is going to ask them to prepare it more like Rodeo Burger does, on a bed of lettuce.  Their burger was still really tasty, not to mention their fries were really addictive.  Doesn't hurt that they give you so much of them.

One other allergen note, this is certainly NOT a peanut free zone.  Five Guys usues peanut oil for their french fries, and you can eat shelled peanuts freely at the tables.

Let us know if you've tried them out yet.

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