MyFries in Edmonton Serves Gluten Free Poutine

As always, we welcome guest blog posts from our readers.  I love the Bloggers that just eat their way through a city, but Amanda and I are not always as adventurous  and because of the nature of our blog,  people just love to write in and share their experiences.  So it certainly saves us a trip to a restaurant or store.

This guest post is from Emily who visited MyFries:
Just wanted to let you know about a new french fry joint that's recently opened up in Edmonton. They're called My Fries, located at 16934 107 Ave NW, in a complex along with Fat Burger, Dairy Queen, etc. Their premise is the "healthy fries"; all their fries are baked and their ingredients are fresh and free of trans fat.  They offer sweet potato fries as well. They also have a gluten free gravy. I haven't tried anything but their basic poutine, but it was so delish, and, I have to say, much better than La Poutine. They offer different poutine combinations as well, and I'm not sure which of these options are gluten free but I'm sure you would love to look into it :)
So what do you like best, MyFries or LaPoutine?

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  1. I just looked up MyFries on facebook, and according to a post on Dec 29, 2012 they've only got 2 items on the menu that aren't gluten free. They don't specify WHICH 2 items they are...but it sounds like there should be plenty of options. Next time I have a fries/poutine craving I'm there! I'm excited to try...and it's a double bonus they're lower in fat than regular fries.

  2. The two items on the menu that are not gluten free are the home made gravy and the red wine green peppercorn sauce. They are working to fix that so that the whole menu is 100% gluten free. They do have an awesome gluten free gravy and the jalapeno sauce is also great!

  3. Does anyone know if their gluten-free gravy contains beef?


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