More Gluten Free Passover Offerings

It's that time again, Passover is soon upon us. Actually for those who do not know, Passover this year is celebrated on March 25 (at sundown) - April 2. For people living with Celiac disease, Passover offers a variety of foods that are not commonly found in the supermarkets. Last year we wrote about our gluten free Passover findings and we were then interviewed for the Edmonton Journal as well to share our story of dealing with Passover while gluten free.

This year I was able to find a bunch of new products as well as those listed last year. At the Sobey's location in the west end (18370 Lessard Road Edmonton) I found the following gluten free kosher for Passover items:
  • Manischewitz gluten free kosher for Passover Crackers
  • Liebers gluten free Coat 'n' bake Bar-b-que flavor (similar to shake and bake)
  • Manischewitz gluten free noodles (both fine and wide)
  • Gefen gluten free thin noodles
  • Manischewitz gluten free yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting
  • Streit's gluten free chocolate cake mix & vanilla cake mix with chocolate frosting
  • Yehuda gluten free matzo (found at IGA, not at Sobey's)

There were also some gluten free pound cakes found in the freezer section. Now, I did not buy all of these items for our house, but I was pleased to see that there continue to be more and more gluten free kosher for passover options available each year.  The other thing that was impressive to me was that the costs of the gluten free kosher for Passover items was no more than the non-gluten free kosher for Passover items. Things like this make me very happy to see.

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