Gluten Free at Col. Mustards in Downtown Edmonton

NOTE: Since we wrote this post, Coo. Mustard's has been closed for reno's due to a neighborhood flood.

It is definitely hard to make it out to all of the restaurants that are gluten free friendly in Edmonton.  Especially now that we have a kid!  So sometimes our readers, or restaurateurs make it easy for us and just write in.  Meg wrote  wrote in to tell us about Col. Mustards gluten free offerings and how they take great care of their Celiac customers and she quoted andn email from the owner:
Several of our full time staff are Celiac and eat here on a daily basis with confidence. We truly appreciate what an effort it can be to enjoy a gluten free meal out at a restaurant.
The posting below is up on our website. And I can also assure you as a Red Seal Chef I take this responsibility very seriously. As the post says we use separate boards, utensils, spreads & products all prepared on a separate work surface, we have a glutten free toaster as well.
All Bread products come from Kinnikinnick and are picked up weekly. Our facility also has a spotless health inspection record. With the ever increasing demand for gluten free choices for many people we are happy to provide many options.
  • We take great care using separate toasters, cutting boards and spreads.
  • Soups, three made fresh daily are gluten free whenever possible
  • Salads, any possibilities including rice noodle, bean or greens.
  • Pizza's, all available on gluten free crust.
  • Sandwiches, we carry white and multigrain and can do almost all of our creations on gluten free.
  • Desserts, Chocolate dipped peanut butter balls & Chocolate mousse.
And that's just for lunch our dinner menu includes all the salads and soups and pizzas as well as Pan Seared Salmon, Cioppino Pot, Eggplant Parmasean & Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps all gluten free! 
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